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The Marche cuisine is very diverse. inspired by both the typical products of which those of the sea. We will guide you vincisgrassi a typical product in marche with tour operator esiturthrough wineries, confectionery, oil discovering the tastes, flavors and customs of this rural region. Behind the typical lies the history of our country. We decided to combine the flavors with the knowledge of the traditions of the Marche in a combination of culture, history and culture of taste.

There are some examples of combinations that can be made between gastronomy and culture along the Marche region from north to south:

Urbino, Urbino, and Montefeltro Carpegna:
We will combine visits to museums and palaces of Urbino, San Leo and all the Montefeltro to excellent local products now holiday in marche tasting prosciutto of carpegnafamous all over the world, such as the famous truffle Acqualagna. Every year is repeated a famous festival, where you can savor delicacies combined with this precious tuber. Travelling in the Marche Apennines you can reach Mount Carpegna, winter ski resort and summer ideal for hiking cycling, where you can sample the excellent Carpegna ham DOP
Also in the area of Metauro you can find the cheese you Fossa, a particular dairy product flavor. It's produced during the harvesting period, then wrapped in a cloth was ripened in the caves of tufa for 90 days and then bring the outdoors to eat in the winter

Ancona, Jesi, Parco del Conero

The combination of fish and wine goes beautifully with the Marches. Senigallia, Ancona, Numana or Porto Recanati are famous seaside resort with excellent restaurants where you can taste dishes of fish from the Adriatic combined with the excellent Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi. We like to know the products since their origins, bringing tourists directly on the production site and trying to unravel the secrets. Also in this area are grown and produced two world famous wines such as Rosso Conero and Lacrima di Morro d'Alba, which are more easily combined with local dishes such as vincisgrassi: a dish very similar to cannelloni, which according to tradition was prepared by a cook of Macerata to the Austrian general, Windisch Graetz, who fought Napoleon in the siege of Ancona.

Ascoli Piceno, Macerata, The Sibillini National Park

The Olive of Ascoli stimulate hungry. Are one of the specialties of Marche that absolutely must be combined with a visit to the city of Ascoli and its splendid Piazza del Popolo.

Macerata and Sibillini also offer another product that is unique in its kind: the Ciauscolo, a spreadable salami with which you can make great bruschetta operate in conjunction with a good local wine Falerio. After a hearty eaten we will see Recanati, famous for its poet Giacomo Leopardi, Loreto with its Basilica and the beautiful sferistereo of Macerata, still today the Macerata Opera Festival.

Il Tour Operator Esitur da' la possibilità di richiedere salite lungo il percorso del viaggio. Gli orari e i punti di carico definitivi saranno scelti e comunicati prima della partenza del viaggio. Per eventuale richiesta di punti di carico che non si trovano lungo il percorso, possiamo organizzare trasferimenti privati non compresi nella quota di partecipazione.

Travel Food & Wine in Marche

"Our strength comes from our experience. Since 1881 we have been dedicated to the transportation of people and travel. we are very attached to Marche, and with our help, we would like to show to the rest of the world, with our Tour Operator Esitur, the place where we have grown, and also offer our history of quality production, which has been highly proven over time."




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