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  • Cycling Tourism

We have organized a tour with professional guides that will take you to the most hidden and fascinating places of Italy, along pathways of various difficulty and duration suitable both for families and experts.
We provide participants with bikes, helmets, and all the necessary equipment for bike trips.


  • Trekking

The hills and mountains of Italy are scenically a unique patrimony not found anywhere else in the world, it is impossible not to notice the beauty of the territory.

We have organized different trips of various difficulty where tourists can immerge in the nature of Italy, facing trips both near the sea and on the Apennines and Alps where there are skiing areas too.


  • Sailing Boats

Ancona, San Benedetto del Tronto, Senigallia, Fano and Pesaro are towns that have developed and grown thanks to the potential of the adriatic sea. The beauty of the beaches and shorelines have always brought tourists to enjoy this splendid region, sailing along the coast and shoring to discover the inland and tasting excellent fish cooked on board too.

The view of Conero Mountain and Ancona from the sea are not found anywhere else in the world that a person who is very keen on sailing must see.


  • Shopping Outlets

The Italy is a country of hard-working people and great entrepreneurs who have exported the label Made in Italy all over the world, with famous trademarks of fashion and design. We have combined in our tour, some visits to the best outlets of the country, where you can buy the products of the best designer labels of the Italy at very good prices and, most importantly, a great assortment.


  • Photographic Tour

When you arrive in Italy the first thing you have to take out from your suitcase is your camera.
The scenery, nature and the monuments must all be made immortal in the form of splendid photographs. Professional photographers can supervise our groups, helping the tourists doing a real course in photography, teaching the best techniques, to return home with good quality photographs.

Il Tour Operator Esitur da' la possibilità di richiedere salite lungo il percorso del viaggio. Gli orari e i punti di carico definitivi saranno scelti e comunicati prima della partenza del viaggio. Per eventuale richiesta di punti di carico che non si trovano lungo il percorso, possiamo organizzare trasferimenti privati non compresi nella quota di partecipazione.

Travel Enjoy Italy

"Our strength comes from our experience. Since 1881 we have been dedicated to the transportation of people and organized travel. we are very attached to marche, and with our help, we would like to show to the rest of the world the place where we have grown, and also offer our history of quality production, which has been highly proven over time."

Dott. Paolo Crognaletti




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