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Organized travel from marche

Travel In Italy and Marche Incoming

Organized travel from marche

Travel In Italy and Marche Incoming


Esitur Tour Operator was founded in 1973 and belongs to Crognaletti Group that have been operating in the local public transport and the transport of mail since 1881. Over the years we have been identified as a tour operator for the organization of group travels Lancia Pentajota 1930 viaggi in pullmanby coach and by plane. Our strong synergy with Crognaletti Bus Lines and its G.T. coaches has allowed us to offer our customers an increasingly professional and above all safe service.

In our packages we enclose countless types of tours: cultural tourism with visits to the various museums in Italy and Europe up to sky holidays. We are always willing to meet our customers' needs and we constantly keep updated in order to improve our products. The Crognaletti Group thanks to Esitur Tour Operator is promoting worldwide the Marche Region through countless collaborations with local operators by strengthening and more the incoming tourism industry.

In 2012 Daniele Crognaletti made a bet with Elisa di Francisca, a Fencing Champion, at the London Olympics: "If you win a gold medal you will have a golden bus as a gift". And so it was: two gold medals and a wonderful golden bus that was presented on SkySport 24.vacanza organizzata dalle marche per la scherma From this moment, Crognaletti had the idea to convert this sport into an occasion to make a business for the whole town of Jesi: in 2013 he organized the first International fencing camps with the Olympic Champions such as Valentina Vezzali, Elisa di Francisca and Giovanna Trillini, the camp that has become an annual event and welcomes kids from all over the world. This camp has evolved over the years and today we welcome fencers who come from five different continents to train with us in Jesi; other Champions have joined us: Valerio Aspromonte, Rossella Fiamingo, Daniele Garozzo, Enrico Garozzo, Francesco Ingargiola and Alice Volpi.

In 2015 the first gymnastics camp was launched with the Lord of the Rings, the symbol of clean sport: Jury Chechi. This event is also held annually and brings athletes from all over Europe. In 2016 the group the Olympic champions who work with Esitur expands with the arrival of Carlo Molfetta: Taekwondo Olympic champion at London Jury-chechi-train-vacanza-organizzata2012 Olympic games. He organized the first Italian Taekwondo camp with the participation of young people from all over the world. In 2015 the Esitur managed the hospitality of the national Taekwondo finals with over 1,000 guests in a single weekend. Esitur has recently become a society composed by the major local public transport companies in the Marche Region through VectorOne Consortium whose partners have more than 600 coaches. Also Ludovico Scortichini's entrance as an associate, a reference point for the Italian market of tourism with his tour operators GoAsia, GoAmerica and GoAustralia has increased the responsibilities for the activities of organized tourism.

In 2015 we were the biggest sellers of tickets and vector for Expo Milano 2015 from the Marche Region with an average of more than 10 coaches each weekend. Even the staff of a famous Tv program had travelled with us in order to make a reportage about Expo and its million visitors.vacanza organizzata nelle marche con il tour operator esitur

In 2015 Esitur entered the Food Brand Marche: the first gastronomic centre in the Marche Region, which collects 13 agricultural producers of various sectors: wine, pasta, meat, oil, up to milk, truffles and food and wine tourism. The aim, unique in Italy, is to promote quality food vacanza organizzata nelle marche del tour operator esiturand products Made in Marche in the world starting from the Expo in Milan, becoming step by step a reference point for schools, hotel schools, caterers, companies, manufacturers and tour operators.

In  2016, in order to strengthen ties with  Marche Region and Esitur Crognaletti Bus  bought the Locanda Strada della Marina,, a beautiful Country House situated in Senigallia with heated swimming pool and a restaurant,  surrounded by 2-ha wide park, a little paradise where tourists come to relax a stone, just few steps from the sea.

In 2013 we were awarded by the Marche Region with the Prize “Valore e lavoro”, an award delivered to companies engaged in innovation and development of Marche enterprice. The same award was also re-confirmed in 2014.premio valore lavoro 2013 della regione marche conferito per i viaggi organizzati incoming

Since 1881, the group has acquired qualities and skills that are available to customers every day in order to offer a high quality service and a strong reliability.

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