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Organized travel in marche during juri chechi camp

Holiday in Marche during Jury Chechi Camp

Organized travel in marche during juri chechi camp

Holiday in Marche during Jury Chechi Camp



The Marche: a region to discover, rich in history, art and nature with its cultural heritage also linked to a rich tradition and to its beautiful landscapes.

About 100 km from Jesi you can reach one of the most famous art cities of Marche: URBINO, with its characteristic and notorious Palazzo Ducale, Unesco heritage, considered one of the finest works of the Renaissance. In 1912 Palazzo Ducale became the seat of the Galleria Nazionale of Marche which you can visit by paying an affordable ticket and admire the works of famous artists such as Raffaello, Tiziano and Piero Della Francesca.

A short distance from Urbino you can visit GRADARA Castle, also cited by Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy, on the hill of Gradara, a land of border between Marche and Romagna. The castle host the main families of the Middle Ages and Renaissance: Malatesta, Sforza, Borgia and Della Rovere, and was the scene of major historical events and legends.

Only 40 km towards South, you find RECANATI, the town that revolves around the figure of the great poet Giacomo Leopardi, who was born here. From Recanati by moving a few kilometers you can visit the sanctuary of LORETO, which houses the "Holy House" or the "room" of the Virgin Mary. According to the legend, the walls were moved by angels to this place from Nazareth in 1294.The city is also protected by a ring of walls and medieval ramparts, it houses not only a religious and spiritual treasure, but a true artistic and cultural heritage

Just 30 km from Jesi you can choose to spend a day in SENIGALLIA one of the most important seaside town on the Adriatic coast, famous for its beach of velvet, the famous Rotonda on the sea, its historic center with the Palace of Pope Pio IX. Olive-ascolane-viaggio-nelle-marcheSenigallia is also known for its Summer Jamboree , which takes place the firs week of August: an international festival dedicated to the music and the American culture of the '40s and' 50s with a taste of rock and roll, rockabilly, doo wop, rhythm ' n ' blues, country, hillbilly, western swing, jive , boogie.

Another pearl of the Adriatic sea is The Conero Riviera with white sandy beaches, wild bays accessible only by sea, lively beach establishments, 5 European Blue Flag awards, a tourist port, events, attractions and sea sports

The seaside resort of The Conero Riviera with fascinating depths are PORTONOVO, SIROLO, with San Michele beach, Urbani, Sassi Neri; NUMANA and MARCELLI.

Marche offers shopping opportunities and a chance to visit famous fashion outlets. The Marche has become one of the country’s most important ‘Made in Italy’ districts, it is where many of the most prestigious and famous fashion brands are made, icons of Italian style. A journey through this surprising territory is, therefore, also a great occasion for enjoying a veritable fashion tour into the heart of the Marche lifestyle, seeking out the many outlets and stores featuring the most renowned domestic and international brands.  Shopping here is pleasant both for the experience and when it comes to being kind to your wallet.

Remaining in the area and returning to discover Marche culture recommend a stop in MACERATA, the city still surrounded by the four - century walls, is crossed by alleys and streets that lead to the heart of the city overlooked by the Loggia dei Mercanti, the Teatro Rossi, the historic university, the clock tower. Macerata is famous for the Arena Spheristerio, considered among the most important Italian open-air theaters, where in summer time the event "Macerata Opera Festival" takes place

For nature lovers, you can visit the Frasassi cave, only 25 minutes from Jesi, they are among the most famous show caves in Italy. The caves are open to the public only for 1.5 of the total 30km. Nearby from the Frasassi caves we suggest a brief stop in FABRIANO, a town famous for the production of paper. You can visit the famous Museum of Paper and Watermark, and stroll through the historic center of the city that gave birth to the great painter Gentile da Fabriano the Palazzo del Podesta, Teatro Gentile, Portico dei Vasari.

Marche is a special region because in addition to the countryside, the hills, the sea, the mountains also have an important culinary tradition. The Marche region is inspired both by the typical hinterland products from those of the sea. Nearby Jesi, you can visit a lot of wine cellars that produce the award-winning Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and taste typical products. Tasy food and wine matched to the culture the sport the nature and the art is the perfect combination for a holiday in our region

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